Jun. 3, 2022

Coming Soon to Video on Demand: Dual Mania

12:28 P.M. CST

The time has come, my dear men and women, for "Dual Mania's" worldwide release to the public. When I met the film's director, Joseph Strickland, in 1992, he had just completed the first draft of its award-winning screenplay. And I read it three times that same year before Vital Vision Productions hired me—a year later, in 1993—to assume the casting duties. It has been 29 years since. And the unique—and original—psychological thriller is now gearing up to FINALLY premiere globally.

"Dual Mania" is a singular film. And it has endured much tribulation and resistance over many years; nevertheless, its creative parents, Strickland and I, have never given up on it. Several others have but never have we: for it is our creative baby. And we—Joseph Strickland and I—had a duty to carry it to term. And by the grace of God, we did. Strickland took one end, and I took the other, and we bore the weight of "Dual Mania" for 29 years. And I wouldn't take it back for anything in the world because we learned a lot along the way. We had some good times and some bad, but we held on by the breath of faith. And nearly three decades later, our film project will finally be born into a global public release. Are we relieved? Oh, you better believe it. Whew! (Chuckles).

My dear men and women, at the time of this post, Vital Vision Productions is aware of the first streaming platforms on which "Dual Mania" will premiere: Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Prime Video. Please note that as these two streaming services will follow this post, so will other streaming services, as we are informed about them.

While many of you will be viewing "Dual Mania" for the first time—as its 2021 limited theatrical run included only private screenings due to COVID-19—Strickland and I will be watching the Robert Eggers-directed action-adventure, "The Northman." (Smiles). We have been eager to see "The Northman" since Universal Pictures and Focus Features announced it was in pre-production. (Laughs now). I cannot WAIT to see "The Northman!" It looks like a great picture. Anyhoo, enjoy the premiere of "Dual Mania" this weekend, those of you who plan to see it. And stay groovy, be blessed, keep yourselves well, and stay healthy. I'll be jive-talkin' witcha.

All my love,
Cat Ellington

Remember that following this post, I will announce the streaming services that will feature "Dual Mania" as they become available—beginning with Vimeo on Demand and Amazon Prime Video.