Jan. 6, 2022

Cat Ellington Meets Last.fm

You know, until today, I had never heard of a music database called Last.fm. A representative of Vital Vision Records contacted me this morning about it. She informed me that not only myself but also one of my song works is present on the site. So, I took the time to visit this database and searched my name. They have me in the database as a composer - I assume due to the release of Instrumentals a few weeks ago. And I took a quick screenshot of my profile for a photo to correspond with this post.

Um, I don't know what scrobbles are. But according to the screenshot, I have five of them. (Laughs) I guess they're forking over our latest album, which I co-composed and co-produced. And if any Last.fm teammates are reading this post, I want y'all to know that I am honored to be a new member of your family. (Smiles) When I get time, I'll read up more on the database. However, until then, gracias!


Cat Ellington