Sep. 10, 2021

Attention Diabetics: A Post Inspired by "Operation imPlantation"


My dearest men and women, I recently read an article—published by MedGadget—about a new form of technology developed to treat certain types of diabetes. And while the pharmaceutical company behind this new technology claims that it exists to make glucose readings more convenient for its patients, the technology itself is nothing short of sinister.

The so-called RFID microchip, created to "monitor blood sugar," strikes me as suspicious. And I felt compelled to bring the subject of invasive technology to my thread here at the Boutique Domain, to share, particularly, with those of my guests who are diabetic. The company distributing the RFID microchip claims that the syringe-implantable glucose-sensing microchip 'could profoundly impact the 230 million people worldwide living with diabetes.' And you want to know what I say to that? Bullshit! Oh, it will profoundly impact them, alright. It will lead them, hundreds of millions of people, straight into damnation. It will not be well with those people who allow invasive technology into their bodies. Damn what they call 'convenience'! Convenience, my ass! I don't trust Satan, and I don't trust those who do his bidding. Period. Microchips implanted into human bodies are unnecessary and serve no purpose to convenience people. But their true purpose is to destroy them eternally. Get understanding, my dear men and women.

I am not diabetic, but my mother is, and so are two of my other closest relatives. And diabetic individuals, God bless them, have ALWAYS been able to read their glucose levels the old-fashioned way. They didn't need a fucking microchip implanted in their bodies - to read their glucose levels. So that's a bunch of bullshit. Rebuke it and reject it! DO NOT allow these wicked, sneaky, and crooked ass people to insert that shit in your bodies! Fuck them! And fuck those damn microchips and shit! It is not necessary - and it is not worth it. It's damning.

Now before any of you say, 'Wait a minute, Cat. I thought the warning in the Bible about the number (of the Beast) and those who accept it indicated in their heads or hands,' please let wisdom, and not folly, be your guide. Any—emphasis on any—form of invasive technology implanted in the human body should be considered questionable—and suspicious. Because such is a form of control—and, to be honest, enslavement. Don't be deceived by no bullshit. Ignorance is not bliss where it concerns microchipping humans. These power-hungry ass people in the world want one thing and one thing only. And that is to have control over the lives of other people. And I hate that shit. Tracking devices, disguised as RFID microchips, are only one of many evils created to trap and destroy people: they can track your every move, and they are an invasion and a curse of and on the human soul. Period.
I don't go through life trying to tell others how to live theirs, but this is serious, y'all. And I do not want to see ANYONE being lured to the edge of a cliff and not do everything in my power to pull them back from it. I wouldn't care if that person was my worst enemy. I wouldn't care what nobody did or said to me; I wouldn't dare stand back and let them fall over the edge and not fight to pull them back—if it meant that my action would save their life and eternal soul. I don't care who they are. And I mean that with everything in me because I wouldn't want anybody to stand back and watch me drown.

Don't let these wicked ass muthafuckas insert shit in your bodies that ain't supposed to be there. If you visit your doctor and they start talking all that shit about RFID microchips and how you should consider having one implanted (in your arm) under your patch to make it more convenient to read your glucose numbers, decline the offer. They can't force you to accept it. But if they keep trying to push it on you, find another doctor. Because you don't need a fucking microchip in your body to read your glucose levels. That's some bullshit.

My poem, "Operation imPlantation"—published in "More Imaginative Than Ordinary Speech"—revolves around this same subject, the RFID microchip implanted in humans. My dear men and women with diabetes, God bless y'all. Take care of yourselves and your health the old-fashioned way. And fuck those microchips in the body and shit. Stay far away from that shit because that's just the devil—with his sneaky, cunning ass—trying to get as many souls as he can before his time runs out. Leave that alone, those microchips and shit. I told my Mama the same thing—even though she's not using the patch. Stay away from that shit. Watch out for yourselves. If other people feel like thumbing their noses at wisdom, that's on their asses. But you watch out for yourself. Be careful of nothing.

Now I feel better because I shared that truth with y'all. No microchips in your bodies, okay? Fuck that shit. NONE! Now y'all gon' and live and be blessed—not cursed. And I love y'all.