Sep. 9, 2021

Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Final Trilogy

QUILL PEN INK PUBLISHING: Celebrating the sixth (and final) year of her original book series of the same name, Cat Ellington brings you Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #3, a compelling collection of literary criticism featuring books 7 - 9 from the one-of-a-kind progression.

CAT: That's right, boys and gals, we are nearing the end of the Reviews by Cat Ellington series. And Book 3 in The Unique Critique Trilogies (in Kiwi) will conclude the succession. It was a stone groove, but now it's time to move forward with the next phase.
I cannot WAIT to get to the next era in my creative writing career (in literature). And in time, I will gladly share the news with y'all—right here at the Boutique Domain. So stay tuned, my dear men and women. Stay tuned. And trust that I will—as always—remain true to my analytical roots.

• Reviews by Cat Ellington: A Trilogy of Unique Critiques #3
• Author: Cat Ellington
• Publication date: February 20, 2024
• Cover Hue: Kiwi
• Publisher: Quill Pen Ink Publishing