Aug. 13, 2021 Celebrates 600,000 Organic Visits!

6:35 P.M. CST

My dear men and women, we have reached another huge milestone here at the Boutique Domain. According to the ol' button counter, has tallied 600,000 organic visits. And because my domain provider only counts ONE IP address at a time, and only one time, I would call that wowing.

A strict mechanism, the button counter affiliated with this location spurns manipulation. That means NO ONE, not even myself, can refresh any of its pages to increase its count; neither does it recognize bots acting as legitimate visitors; therefore, the counter reflects genuine traffic here at

As I prepared the artwork for this post, the button counter read 599,867 visits. While I spent time fretting over the color scheme for said art, I returned to find the counter tally had increased to 599,982. Good. I had some more time to make up my mind about the corresponding image for the post. But when I returned to post the image — at around 2:30 p.m. — the button counter read 600,001. So I was late. Hehe. But, better late than never, right?

The Boutique Domain, a subsidiary of The Black Jaguar Music Company, is my happy place. I can splurge creatively here; I can act goofy 'n' shit here; I can jive talk here and be my usual, unfiltered self. I love this location. And I thank The Black Jaguar Music Company for funding it in honor of me.

As you all know, by now, the Boutique Domain is constantly evolving. So expect more changes to come as I continue on my creative journeys in the fields of music, movies, art, and literature. And trust, boys and girls, that it will be a stone-ass groove.

Make love, not war, folks. Stay in prayer and be blessed. And thank you for visiting my humble abode. Congrats to the Boutique Domain on tallying another 100,000 organic guests. Hugs and kisses galore!


Me, CE — The Statuesque Maverick