Apr. 6, 2021

Coming Soon: Reviews by Cat Ellington, Vol. 8 in Concord Grape

The QPIP team on Google: Quill Pen Ink Publishing, home of the prolific Cat Ellington Literary Collection, is honored to present Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 8! Tinted in a concentrated lacquer of Concord Grape, the dialogue continues the tradition of our founder Cat Ellington: comprehensive—and distinctive—literary criticism.

Me: Well alright! (Laughs)

My happy place is, indeed, in the world of words with the pen and blank page. Honestly, I could stay in that place forever and ever. As always, I had too much fun writing this next release in the Reviews by Cat Ellington series. And I look forward to its publication.
On we go!

• Coming February 2023
• Flower artwork by: High Definitions
• See the book trailer for Vol. 8 (under Concord Grape) on the Book Trailers page - here at the Boutique Domain