Aug. 12, 2020

Coming Soon: Dual Mania (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

It's time, baby! It's time.

Preceding this post is my Personal Statement on the home page here at the Boutique Domain. And in it, I testify about my calling in music and the origins of the first Cat Ellington song work ("The Baby's Song), respectively. I also note the length of time that it took to build my 24-genre song catalog under the blessed hand of my Lord and my God: 40 years. It's a long wait, yes, but it was worth it. Indeed, it was for the best. Because I learned a lot about life, I learned a lot about people, and most importantly, I learned a lot about myself.

The journey to this day has been incredibly blessed. There were some very rough times mixed in with the blessings, of course, but overall, it has been a great trek. And I cannot complain: for the Lord was (and is) with me and mine, and He has never forsaken us - or left us out; therefore, He is worthy of His praise. And I love Him with every molecule of my being. It's His work. And I am honored to do it.

My dear men and women, the time has come for the Cat Ellington song work to be released. And I am both nervous and tremendously excited about it. The folks at Vital Vision Film Music and I are proud to introduce the public at large to the first five of my original songs, including the award-winning "I Do," "The Book Of Us," "I'm Still In Love," "Something In Your Eyes," and "Gett Out." In regards to these, you may now sample each work at our HearNow website. Also, the digital album will be released (worldwide) on October 20, 2020. 20-20-20. How 'bout dat, huh? (Smiles)

For your convenience, my dear men and women, I have posted the link to our HearNow website on this page. Have a listen - and enjoy.

Stay tuned for details about the physical album's release!



Don't forget to click on the link above to sample these tracks at HearNow! :)