Jul. 20, 2020

Meet BMI Songstress Jaki - The Passionate Voice Behind Cat Ellington's "I Do"

Passion. Jazz. Soul. Phenomenal vocal harmony. They all explode in every section of the award-winning "I Do."

One of my most captivating musical works, "I Do" required just the right touch. And my production team had it. We also had the alluring vocals of our BMI counterpart, Jaki. And the stunning gal brought yours truly to tears with her powerful, yet gentle, rendition of the piece.

I fought hard to hold back the tears, but I lost the battle and they poured down in a drenching stream. Thank God the recording studio was dimly lit... (Laughs) Because I am such an 'ugly crier'... (More laughs)

I'm so proud of this work. I'm proud of the entire production of it. And I'm looking forward to the day when all of you in the public can finally hear it for yourselves.

Stay tuned folks!

• NOTE: The synopsis for "I Do" will feature soon on the SONG SYNOPSES page here at The Boutique Domain