Jul. 20, 2020

Meet BMI Songstress Jaki - The Sultry Voice Behind Cat Ellington's "I'm Still In Love"

The hard-hitting "I'm Still In Love" is one of my most beloved works in the R&B collection of my song catalog. And BMI vocalist Jaki, with her sultry voice and baffling vocal range, kills it!!!

Anytime I'm in awe, that's saying something. And when my producer slumps in his chair and can only say 'goddamn' over and over again, that's saying something. When Joseph Strickland gets chills and is left speechless, that's saying something.

Jaki takes the penitent anthem all the way home! And I, as its creative mother, am so proud of her.

Stay tuned folks!

• NOTE: The synopsis for "I'm Still In Love" will feature soon on the SONG SYNOPSES page here at The Boutique Domain