Jun. 13, 2019

Cat Ellington's "I Do" Wins 2019 Vegas Movie Award for Best Song


🏆 Cat Ellington's"I Do" wins the 2019 Vegas Movie Award for Best Song at the Vegas Movies Awards June 2019 event in spectacular Las Vegas! 🏆

Oh, my sweet, precious God Almighty...
Thank you, Lord. Thank you for the beautiful works of song, and thank you for the blessed gift of original creativity.
Thank you. 👐🏾

Thank you as well, Vegas Movie Awards, for bestowing upon me—in my primary capacity as a songwriter—such an outstanding honor that will always stand.

Further, I humbly thank those 2019 VMA members of both the jury panel and programming staff for their Honorable Mention of me and my work at your beautiful event this month. Trust that I appreciate every one of you.

Congratulations to both our very special film, Dual Mania, and its very special director, Joseph Strickland! I'm so very proud to be a creative mother to one of you and a "girlfriend" (hee hee) to the other. I love you both.

It is my pleasure to extend sincere thanks to Vital Vision Productions, Vital Vision Film Music Publishing, the Black Jaguar Music Company and, of course, my gifted ass producer, Princeton Brown.
Congrats, baby! 🎉

Finally, congratulations to all of this year's nominees in the category for Best Song at the 2019 VMA! There were many gorgeous song works in the running, and it had been a tremendous blessing that "I Do" was numbered among them.

Thank you again, Vegas Movie Awards. We are so glad to know that you all considered Dual Mania to be 'One of the best film finalists' this year; for It means the world to the creatives in us. Be greatly blessed ... all of you.

Very truly,

Cat Ellington

• "I Do"
Lyrics by Cat Ellington
Music by Cat Ellington
Produced by Cat Ellington & Princeton Brown
©2019 Vital Vision Film Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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