Jun. 10, 2019

Cat Ellington's "I Do" Becomes Best 3 Finalist At 2019 Vegas Movie Awards


In a spirit of genuine elation, I make known the 2019 Vegas Movie Awards' decision to promote my song, "I Do"—which is featured on the Dual Mania Original Motion Picture Soundtrack—to a Best 3 Finalist spot at its June event in dazzling Las Vegas.

Thank you so much, team Vegas Movie Awards. The year in which I composed "I Do" had been one of the roughest of my life; and it is a work that provided me with a certain "emotional" comfort during that time. So these honors represent a great deal to me as its creative mother.

On behalf of the Black Jaguar Music Company, I extend to all of you my sincerest gratitude for your kind recognition of this singular song work which came into being through it.

Thank you. 😊

• "I Do"
Lyrics by Cat Ellington
Music by Cat Ellington
Produced by Cat Ellington & Princeton Brown
©2019 Vital Vision Film Music Publishing (ASCAP)

• Vegas Movie Awards is an affiliate of FilmFreeway