Aug. 31, 2018

Don't Rest On Your Laurels (I)

The Fall 2018 Film Festival Season is now underway, my dear ladies and gents! And although it is hectic, hectic, hectic, it's a great deal of fun too. Strickland and I have elected to go on the film festival circuit first because, well, because we love the crap out of film festivals. Speaking of which, his and my creative baby, yeah, Dual Mania, has just received an Official Selection Laurel from none other than the DMOFF - the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival. And to say we're "excited" is a pitiful understatement. Hell, we're downright elated! Thank you to all of the festival's organizers at the DMOFF for selecting Dual Mania to feature in this year's Festival, as we are unbelievably proud of the Official Selection Laurel.


Cat Ellington

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