Aug. 13, 2018

Author Cat Ellington Becomes A BookBub Partner

Greetings, one and all. It gives me satisfaction to announce that I have just been verified by BookBub to join its prestigious BookBub Partners program.

Wholly flattered by this marvelous honor in which I jubilantly delight, I am proud to celebrate the creation of my brand new author page on the BookBub platform. And much like my verified author pages on and in other great platforms and databases, including Goodreads, LibraryThing, and BookLikes, my bibliography will feature on my BookBub profile, as well as my book recommendations, my favorite books, my author biography, etc.

Thank you to every member of the BookBub Partners Team. I am elated to be part of your beautiful family of bibliophiles. And I look forward to a fun-filled future full of all things to do with the literary community - the same of which I am an unashamed affiliate, even for over four decades. Thank you, my dear men and women.