Aug. 11, 2018

Borne Testimony

My dear men and women,

This unfiltered witness comes on the heels of the one that I posted just yesterday bearing the headline, "They Got Me On Lock." Before I render my personal testimony as to the reason for this here witness, I would like to apologize, beforehand, for any offensive language that may perhaps intrude itself into this witness. I would also like to apologize, beforehand, to anyone who may feel that they have been "wrongfully convicted" by this witness. For should I be mistaken concerning ANYONE, then I would not be hesitant to beg his or her pardon, publicly.

While I apologize for the aforementioned in advance, I do not, however, make any apologies for my lot in life - particularly not where my professional calling is concerned.

A boat-rocker I can be, yes, but only when I believe that I (emphasis on I) have been wronged, deliberately, and on more than ONE occasion.

My dear men and women, as you all serve as those who have eyes that see and ears which hear, today I bring before you, even before everyone of you, my true witness.

On Friday, August 10, 2018, my public profile on the Twitter platform was locked/suspended for reasons unknown to me, and for "rules violations" not committed by me. I have used Twitter for networking purposes for over six years. And not even once in those six years have I ever done what was evil on the platform, or violated any of its rules. Yet, for some ungodly reason, I have been "flagged," or "singled out," if you will, by certain individuals at that company in San Francisco, who have made it his/her/their job to make my experience on the platform a very unpleasant and unwelcoming one.

These are the same who have repeatedly created fake accounts (all in-house) that use the name "Ellington," or "Cat," or both. These people, hateful and godless as they are, create accounts that cunningly use a vast selection of other names that precede the name "Ellington," commencing to harass me and my timeline by way of each one. And this is not surprising, what taking into account that I know the identity of the main culprit.

For some sick, twisted, and perverse reason, this singular man has elected to fixate on me, continuously harassing me, stalking me, carrying out vindictive actions against me, and troubling my user experience on the platform.

This same man, the one about whom I speak, had even gone so far as to create a "dummy account" on his platform with the name "Marie Ellington." Now, what does that have to do with yours truly? You may ask. Well, my parents. This stranger, whom I know not, save for a few kind and well-meant words that I spoke directly to him, via postings here at the Boutique Domain, actually chose the middle name of my mother (Marie) and the last name of my earthly father (Ellington) for the purpose of creating a "dummy account" through which to gain my response on his platform. And when I ignored his crooked "advances," or "attempts," if you please, and dismissed the trolling altogether, my disparaging actions only served to anger him the more so. Of course, many a more fake account would be created in the hopes that I would perhaps respond. But I didn't. Because one, I'm too damn old for such childishness, and two, I don't take kindly to people approaching me like snakes - meaning, in a crooked nature. I've said it before, and I'll gladly say it again: Come straight at me.

I don't know what this man has against me - wait. Yes, I do. I know what his problem with me is. But I cannot allow myself to be overly, or even at all, concerned with a stranger's hostility towards me, ESPECIALLY when I have not done what is evil to him or her.

One cannot sit on his ass and claim to love the likes of Kendrick Lemar and Steph Curry and Beyoncé and Kanye and . . . oh, dare I include her name, Lauryn Hill, while he harbors bitter anger, envy, resentment, malice, enraged obsession, and uncalled for hatred towards me. Why's that? One might ask. Well, because the aforementioned and I share a culture. The aforementioned and I also share the same historical experience . . . in America. Therefore, one cannot say that they love Kanye, my fellow Chicago South Sider, while the same is tempted, by the Enemy of all Mankind, to be hostile towards me based on my being blessed by my Lord and my God on this earth of His. This, my dear men and women, is the spirit of error. For the same is a liar. And the truth has no place in him.

The false mask. The false face. The false adoration. The false words spoken. The false idolatry. These are the lying things that the aforementioned see and hear. But to me, the true face is revealed: racism, bigotry, hatred, envy, jealousy, lust, anger, bitterness, self-hatred, low self-esteem, malice, revenge, and rage. Why? One might ask. Well, because I refuse, even absolutely so, to bend and conform to the world's standards. And this spirit within me is one to which those peoples, like the man about whom I speak, are unconditionally opposed.

Do I regard this man, or any of those other people who operate under his orders, as my enemy? No, of course not. Trust that I know who my true enemy is. And it is he, and he alone, who uses such peoples for the sole purpose of doing his bidding . . . here on the earth. But I feel terribly sorry for them, even truly so. Because they didn't do it to me; they did it to the One who has divine jurisdiction over me. Therefore, I'm not offended by their evil and ungodly actions. They don't have to answer to me. But they will answer . . . to Him.

For six years, I have endured much animosity from many a people on the social media platform called Twitter. And through it all, I continued onward. Because I've a job to do. A job that has been in the making for nearly 40 years. And this is the work that brings me joy, what the work that I have been called to do in the Arts and Entertainment industry. And I make no apologies for it.

I do not apologize for being an African American woman. I do not apologize for having been born and raised on the South Side of Chicago; for the South Side of Chicago is my oyster. I do not apologize for my Pentecostal Christian faith. I do not apologize for the gifts that the Lord has bestowed upon me and implanted within me. I do not apologize for the things that I have earned (or received) as the result of my many, many years of hard work. And I, my dear men and women, do not apologize for my life, even the same one that tends to offend so many.

Unlike Milo Yiannopoulos and Azealia Banks, I have not done what is deserving of sanction on the Twitter platform. My only crime was not responding to a troubled man who fosters a perverse combination of resentment and covetousness towards me. My Twitter account was locked on purpose - because I refused to acknowledge some man whose woman I am not. That, and my utter refusal to pay those people at that company for account verification.

This, my dear men and women, is my borne testimony. And trust that within it, I have not spoken amiss. Trust that within it, I have not borne against any man or any woman a witness that is false.

For over six years, I refused to acknowledge any man or any woman as being "superior" to me. And it hasn't set well with certain individuals. We humans are dust, created from the dust of the earth. And as surely as the sun sets itself down at eve, we humans will undoubtedly return to the dust of the earth. Therefore, we are NOT "superior" one to another.

Power and luxury are not compatible with fools. Always remember that, my dear men and women.

This is the Boutique Domain, my place. And here, I speak freely. No one can lock me out on here, especially for no reason. The Black Jaguar Music Company pays for this location to operate. And should the Black Jaguar Music Company choose to cease its financing, well, I reckon that the Boutique Domain will be no longer.

I have not done what is evil to any of those men and women who operate Twitter, Inc. But for many a year, these have done what is abominably evil to me.

Trust that my witness is truth. But should I be found in error, I will take out a public page of apology, that the peoples may know that I am a woman of my true word.

Have a gorgeous weekend, everybody. Y'all be blessed.



* Image of Truth was provided by Faith Fellowship of Vancouver. Thank you, loved ones, for granting me permission to use it for this singular post.