Aug. 10, 2018

They Got Me On Lock

My dearest men and women,

I write this post today in the wake of my Twitter account suddenly being locked for "suspicious activities in violation of Twitter rules."

As I had been in the process of removing my preexisting header and profile pic, my account was at once locked.

I wanted to inform all of you about any number of accounts on Twitter claiming to have the last name "Ellington," which they do NOT. If you use Twitter and have paid my name a visit in Twitter search, you will perhaps notice several accounts (claiming to have the last name Ellington) running along the timeline tagging the word "Cat," whether with a capital "C," or a lowercase "C." They're quite plain to see, ya know. And they're all fake. They use the name "Ellington" and they tag the name/word "cat" in order to have an excuse to appear on the timeline beneath my name, Cat Ellington, in Twitter search. They lie and say that they're "writers" or "authors" or whatever, but they're trolls. These false accounts claim to be so madly in love with "cats this" and "cats that," but they're trolling me. And the irony of all this isn't lost on me, as my account has now been locked by Twitter. (Deep sigh)

Many of these hackers who create these "dummy accounts" have now taken to impersonating my name in the forms of "Ellington" or "Catherine Ellington," as well tagging the word "Cat," for the sole purpose of polluting my timeline in Twitter search, and deceiving other users on the platform. And with each passing day, the deceptive activities wax worse.

I have changed my password, sure, but I am still locked out. I have also contacted Twitter and followed the steps required to verify my identity.

If you happen upon my Twitter profile and behold the notice of its being locked, trust that I have not committed any offense in violation of Twitter's rules - someone else has. And because of his/her/their crookedness, I am locked out - and on a friggin' weekend at that! Dammit!

My dear men and women, it is my hope that this particular situation will be resolved shortly. But in the meantime, I need a cuppa coffee.

All my love,

The Real Cat Ellington