Jul. 6, 2018

Author Cat Ellington Featured in the Author Ad and BookGoodies Networks

(Original Post Shared From The Review Period with Cat Ellington)

My dearest men and women, over the past week I have been quite busy putting the finishing touches on Reviews by Cat Ellington: The Complete Anthology, Vol. 2, as well as on The Making of Dual Mania: Filmmaking Chicago Style, a nonfiction effort that I had the fortunate (and extremely pleasurable) experience of co-authoring with filmmaker Joseph Strickland and fellow writer B.J. Patterson.

Also, during the course of that time, I made myself available to be interviewed by a network of businesses specialized in the field of literature and those persons and things that heavily pertain to it, including authors and their published books. I am honored to relay the news of my (thus far) being a featured author in the following online publications:

• Book Reader Magazine: Book Reader Magazine Featured Author Cat Ellington

• Pretty Hot Books: Pretty Hot Books Cat Ellington Author Interview

• My Book Place: Interview with Author Cat Ellington

• Interviews with Writers: Interview with Author – Cat Ellington

• Awesome Gang: Awesome Gang Interviews Author Cat Ellington

• Read Write Club

As the aforementioned list expands over the upcoming days and weeks, those interview links will, too, be added to this post by way of revision. In the meantime, however, I, on behalf of Quill Pen Ink Publishing, would like to extend my thanks to all of the fine men and women at the Author Ad and BookGoodies Networks—including Book Reader Magazine, Pretty Hot Books, Awesome Gang, eBooks Habit, My Book Place, Read Write Club, BookGoodies, Interviews with Writers, and Readers' Hideaway, among others—for the phenomenal work they do on behalf of the literary community - with which I am shamelessly in love.


Cat Ellington 💋