May. 3, 2018

Kitty on the Spot

The Itty, Bitty, Kitty Committee! Who Dat?! I Say, I Say, Listen Up, Boy . . . & Girl! Pay Attention. The Itty, Bitty, Kitty Committee Has Now Come To Order.

Ooh, Das Mah Spot!!! Das Mah Blogspot!!! Right Dere!!! Right Dere!!!

Ahhhhhh . . .

(Howlin' . . . With Laughter)

No Better Thing To Do On This Groovy Saturday Afternoon Than Jive Talk Wit'chall.

All Right, Let Me Get Serious. My Dearest Men & Women, Reviews by Cat Ellington (The Blog) Is Now Defunct. In Its Place, I Have Established A New Space At Blogger, And Am Now In The Process Of Building Its Pages & Content. Please Note This. And Thank You All, Kindly.

Me To Y'all: "Who Da Real Kitty, Huh?"

Y'all: "Duh, You, Cat!"

Me: "Heh. Das What Da Hell I Thought."

Watch Dis Here. MEEEYOWWWWWWWW . . . RAWRrrrrrrrrrr . . .

Purring Like The Late, Great Eartha Kitt, I Am THE Cat Ellington.


Y'all Be Blessed Now, Ya Hear? πŸ’‹