Mar. 25, 2018

Cat Ellington Joins the Ranks of the Chicago Writers Association

Greetings, Dearest Guys & Gals. This Quickie Post Is To Inform That I Have Joined The Prestigious Chicago Writers Association, And Am Now A Fellow Member Of Ms. Samara King. Uh, Chicago's Very Own Samara King, Author Of Press Play. Dat Gurl Can Write, Y'all! 😊

It Is A Tremendous Honor To Be Amongst My Own Scribblin' Kind, And I Would Like To Say Thank You To The Award-Winning Randy For Such A Warm Welcome. God Bless You, Baby. Hey, DeeDee! 😊
Love Ya, Spank! 😊

My Dearest Men & Women, Keep Yourselves Real Well. And Enjoy Life.


Meeeee πŸ’‹