Dec. 31, 2017

Cheers! (A Toast To 2018)

Monday, January 1, 2018
12:00 A.M.

My Deariest and Cheeriest Guys and Dolls, I Will Ask That You All Join Me In An Awesomely Tipsy Rendention Of The Timeless Robert Burns New Years Day Standard, "Auld Lang Syne."

Ready Now? Got Your Throats Cleared? Good. On The Count Of Three. One . . . Two . . . One, Two, Three:

🎵 Should Old Ac-quaint-ance Be For-got,
And Nev-er Brought To Mind? 🎵
🎵 Should Old Ac-quaint-ance Be For-got,
An-And Au-Auld La-ang Syyyne? 🎵

🎵 And There's A Hand My Trust-y Friend!
And Gie's A Hand To Thine 🎵
🎵 We'll Take A Cup Of Kind-ness Yet,
Fo-or Au-Auld La-ang Syyyyyyyyyne 🎵

Very Good, Boys and Goils! Give Yourselves A Great, Big Round Of Applause!!! Yes! Yes! Hell Yes! Right On!

(Clears Throat . . . Again)

Got Wine?

Be It A Still Wine, Or Be It A Sparkling Wine, Any Variety O' Wine—From The Grapevine—Will Always Do Just Fine When It Comes Time To Celebrate The Auld Lang Syne.

Yes, Even With A Tasty, Chilled Wine—Be It A Still Wine Or A Sparkling Wine—There Is Never A Better Time Than While Singing Along To The Auld Lang Syne To Enjoy The Effervescence Of A Crisp And Tasty Chilled Wine From The Grapevine.

Now, Say That Fast Five Times—But Only If Gie Is A Hand To Thine. A Hand To Thine That Turns Up A Crisp, Tasty, And Well Chilled Sparkling Wine . . . Or Even A Still Wine . . . Derived From The Grapevine.

Ahh, It's So Divine!!!!


Aw, Lawd Have Mercy. Give A Sista Strength, Lawd!

(More Laughs)

Happy New Year, All Y'all.
This Black Gal Who Is Tall Sez To All Y'all, 'Happy New Year, All Y'all.' Keep It On The Ball . . . The Good Ol' Times Square Ball. Hell, I'm Just Sayin' Any-Ol'-Damn-Thang, Y'all.

It's New Years, My Dears!


Right About Now, Y'all Prolly Like, 'Damn, Cat Goofy!'

(Many More Laughs)

Alright, Alright, Alright—It's All Groovy, And Yours Truly Is Truly Dynomite.

(Many, Many More Laughs)

Happy 2018, My Fellow Human Beings. Y'all Be Tremendously Blessed This Year. Greatly Blessed. Pappy? Don'tchu Be Drankin' Too Much Over Dere Wit Slim & 'Em.

Be At Peace, Babies. And Stay In Self-Love.


I, Uhhh . . . Aw Hell, Y'all Know Who I Am 💋

• Thanks To All Of The Great Folks At Santa Monica Patch For The New Years 2018 Artwork! I Appreciate Your Permitting Me To Utilize The Lovely Art For The Sake Of This Post. In A Spirit Of True Love I Send A Juicy MWAH To All Of You In Santa Monica! Happy New Year, My Dear Men and Women!