Dec. 5, 2017

Cat Ellington Included in the British Film Institute Database

Wotcha, Mates!

I've Some Blinding Ace News That I Am Really Chuffed About! I Mean, It's Dog's Bollocks! I'm So Gobsmacked To Know That My Name And Motion Picture Industry Credentials Are Now Enrolled In The Super Stonking British Film Institute (BFI), Mates!

I Do Say That This Latest Accomplishment Is Smashing! Just Cracking, Mates! God, This Is Just Bomb! I-I-I-I'm Simply Speechless! I-I-I'm So Blimey, Mates! This Is Simply Some Of The Most Cracking News, Ever! Ever! Aww, Fiddle Sticks!


Fancy That Groovy British Slang, My Dear Blokes and Fitbirds? Managing It Was Jolly Easy Peasy.
Okay, Okay, Enough Fannying Around; I Must Chivvy This Along. Gawd Blimey!

(More Laughs)

My Dear Men and Women, I Am Tremendously Esteemed To Share With All Of You This Great Respect. My Husband, Filmmaker Joseph Strickland, And I, As Well As Our Motion Picture Dual Mania, Are Now In The National Archives And Collections Of The World-Renowned, Distinguished, And Highly Prestigious British Film Institute (BFI). And The Great International Honor Is Not Merely One For The Faint. Joe And I Are Not Only Besides Ourselves With Appreciation, But Also Loaded Down With Humility.

Thank You To The Entire Committee At The Illustrious British Film Institute, Including The Beautiful Natasha.

Joe And I Are Extremely Proud Of Our Creative Baby In Dual Mania, And It Gives Us Sheer Satisfaction To Know That The Institute Has Included The Film Work Since Its Conception In 1993 – The Year We Began Bringing It Into Being, From The Screenplay Onto Film.

Also, I Would Like To Thank Both Variety And The Hollywood Reporter For Recognizing Our Baby (The Same Being Dual Mania) From Day One. Thank You All.

Always Remember, Boys and Girls, It Don't Mean A Thang If It Ain't Got That British Slang.

Cheerio. 😊

Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.


I, The Hardest Working Woman in the Arts. πŸ’‹

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Image Used By Permission.