Jun. 27, 2017

The IndieView Chats with Reviewer Cat Ellington in One-On-One Interview

Greetings, My Dearest Men and Women.

The Purpose Of This Here Post Is To Inform That The IndieView, A Respectively Noted And Greatly Esteemed Book Directory For Professionals In Literature, Particularly Independent Authors And Publishing Houses, Has Conducted Its First In-Depth Interview With Yours Truly On The Topic Of Literature.

Published Worldwide On This Date, The Exchange Features Me, In My Creative Hat As An Issued Book Reviewer, Talking Authors, Novels, Publishing, Genres, "Sludge Piles," My Analysis, And Much Else Of The Like Where Books And Those Who Scribe Them Are Concerned. And If I May Say So Myself, It Was Quite An Enjoyable Experience.

Thank You, Big Al, For Being Who You Are, As Well As For Doing What You Do Where Authors, Publishers, And Reviewers Interact. We All Love You Dearly.

Remember Boys and Girls, Reading Is FUNdamental. πŸ˜‰

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