May. 1, 2017

Reviews by Cat Ellington Included In The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages (8th Edition)

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking (Or Scrolling) Through The 8th Edition Of The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages (Defiant Press), And You'll Happen Upon Yours Truly - Listed Under "R" For "Reviews by Cat Ellington."

The Honor Of Being Listed (My Book Blog's And My First Appearance) In The Popular Reference Guide's 8th Annual Edition Is Extremely Humbling. And On Behalf Of Reviews by Cat Ellington, I Extend My Heartfelt Thanks To Defiant Press, As Well As To Every Member Of Its Publishing Unit At The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages, Including Christine Pinheiro, Author Of This Year's Edition.

The Book Reviewer Yellow Pages: A Book Marketing Guide for Authors and Publishers (8th Edition)

Published: May 01, 2017

Publisher: Defiant Press

Author: Christine Pinheiro

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