Jan. 29, 2017

The Bookish Glamazon (I) 🌺

Greetings, My ... Uh ... Oh, Most Beloved Men and Women.

This Here Post Is To Inform That I Have Embarked Upon WordPress To Create A Brand New Blog—Independent Of The Boutique Domain—Which I Have Candidly Named: Reviews by Cat Ellington.
And Just As Its Name Suggests, The New Blog Serves Only The Purpose Of Featuring All Of My Book-Related Associations, Including Both My Goodreads And NetGalley Memberships, My Book Clubs, And My Ratings - Not To Mention My Reviews. In Fact, My Reviews Are First and Foremost; They're The Main Reason For The New Blog's Creation.

The Link To My New WordPress Blog Is Set To Follow This Post.

Also, I Want To Say Thank You To The Many Book Publishing Members At NetGalley For The Unique Reading Opportunities. Smooooo-ches! 💋