Mar. 29, 2016

Defying The Odd Opinions of Another

To That Particular Individual Who Has Publicly Accused Me Of Being 'Narcissistic' And 'Arrogant', My Response Is This: I'm Not Narcissistic Or Arrogant ... I'm Just Terribly Self-Confident.

Understand That The Person To Whom I Address This Post Knows Exactly Who He Is. Don't You, Mr. Science and Technology?

Is It Your Own, O' Bearded One? Is It Your Own "Adjective" Reflection That You Both Perceive And Judge?
But Of Course It Is.

(Smilin' And Snort-Smirkin'โ€”All At Once)

Tip Ya CEO Hat. Heh-Heh ... Tip Ya CEO Hat To The One and Only Puddy Tat. ๐Ÿ’‹

Confidence Graphic By Techfetch Is Featured Courtesy of the Black Jaguar Music Company.
Image Used By Permission.
Thank You, Raoul.