Dec. 27, 2016

Cat Ellington Poems Published Worldwide

Greetings, Most Cherished Men and Women.

This Post Is To Inform That (3) Works of Poetry From The Cat Ellington Poetry Collection Are Now Being Published, Worldwide, By The Stands4 International Groups.

I, In Association With Quill Pen Ink Publishing, Have Made The Collective Welcome To A Small Bundle Of Productions From The Literary Division Of My Creative Outlets. And One Of Those, In Particular, Is A Piece That I'd Originally Written For Fun, But Which Is Now A Legal Property Of QPIP.

"Words of Encouragement", As It Has Since Been Titled, Was A Piece That I'd Initially Made Up For The Sake Of My Final Post, Dated June 24, 2015, At My Primary Blog. But In Reply To Requests, The Work Was Legally Treated Under Quill Pen Ink Publishing, And Given Its Title. It Now Joins "Welcome to Springtime" And "The Black Diamond" On The Stands4 Network.

Remember These Words of Wisdom, My Groovy Gents and Ladies:

• You Must Give How You Live

• From Your Head Down To Your Feet, You Are What You Eat

• You Have To Strive To Stay Alive

• You Have To Run Swiftly To Catch Up With Your Dream,
No Matter How Strenuous The Sprint May Seem

• Know That We Are All Sisters And Brothers,
So Don't None O' Y'all Be At War One With The Others

• The Ability To Love Is The Ability To Be Free.
So Know That I'll Be Lovin' All Of You Forever ... Like NKOTB

• Say It Loud! Say ... Meowwwwwwwwww


If, By Now, Y'all Don't Know That I'm Silly, Y'all Asses Been Out The Mix All Willy Nilly.

Stay In Love, Babies. And Be Blessed.

CE 👄