Nov. 21, 2016

Grammar 101

🎢 Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh...
(Here Comes The Ham-mer) 🎢
🎢 Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh...
(Corrected Gram-mar) 🎢
🎢 Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh
Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh-Oh 🎢

(Explosive Laughter πŸ˜‚)

My Dearest Men and Women, You All Must Pardon The Computerized Typos Of The Word "Its", Which My Keyboard Prediction Posted As "It's", In A Few Sections Here At The Boutique Domain.

The Typos Were On Part Of The System. I Typed "Its", Minus The Apostrophe, And Proofread My Texts Before The Saving Proces, But My Keyboard Entered The Word "It's" With The Apostrophe As The Sections Were In Saving Mode. Unfortunately, I Was So Busy That I Didn't Notice The Mistakes Right Away. So I'm In The Process Of Correcting Those Said Mistakes Through My New System.

Ta-Ta For Now, My Loves. πŸ˜—

Thank Yous To The Great Folks At WordPress For Permitting Me The Use Of The Hammer Meme For This Post.
Smooches. πŸ’‹

"Here Comes The Hammer" by MC Hammer Was Playfully Ad-libbed By Me For Post Purposes Only.