Jul. 3, 2016

The Foundation of Dual Mania (2016)


Three Cheers For The Red, White, and Blue! 

 Yes, My Tremendously Loved Masculines and  Feminines, The 4th of July (2016) Weekend Is Now Upon Us. And As A Nation of Grooviness, We're  Celebrating The Old Red, White, and Blue In The Only Ways We Americans Know How To Do It - Eatin', Drinkin', Cussin', Fussin', Huggin', Humbuggin', Cuddlin', And Lovin', Not To Mention Lightin' Up And Smokin' The Skies Above Us With Fiery Explosions Of Color In Pungent Scent And In Abundant Array. 

  Happy Birthday, Miss America. 

 . . .Yesss. The Beautiful Combination Of Red, White, and Blue. The Trio Of Colors Go Together So Beautifully, Wouldn't You All Agree?

 How Nice Red, White, and Blue Coincide .  .  .

  . . .Much Like The All-American Color Trinity Does Over At The New Official Website For Dual Mania (2016) - www.dualmaniamovie.com . . .

  It's Just So Groovy Babies, Ya Know, The Way The Three Colors Pop Against The Dramatic Blackness At The Location. . .

 They Have Laid Its Foundation. The Videos And Soundtrack Pages Will Be Filled Up Soon. More Production Stills And Behind The Scenes Photos Are Being Added In Bundles. Another Page For Special Features Will Also Be Included. Production Company And Studio Identifications/Logos Will Be Pasted At The Bottoms Of Each Page - As Will Those Of All Distribution Outlets. . .

  But Its Foundation Has Been Laid. 

 My Beloved Men and Women, Enjoy The Mess Out Of Yourselves This Holiday Weekend. 'Kay? 

  Hey, Ain't It Grand When Holidays Fall On Weekends?

Hell Yeah, It Is! 'Cause We Can Eat And Drink As Much As We Darn Well Please. Right?

 . . .Yeah, I'm Only A Lil' Bit Tipsy As I'm Typin' Out This Post, But Nevertheless, I'm Gettin' It Done, And It's The Holiday Weekend, So Shutty.

   (Laughs 😁)

 I Love Y'all, My Fellow Earthlings. 

 Y'all Keep Yourselves Well. And Always Be Yourselves. Don't Be Who Or What Others Want You To Be, Because You're Not Gonna Be Happy. Ya Got Me?  Be Yourselves! Always. Anybody Don't Like It, They Ain't Worthy Of Ya. 

  Keep Yourselves. And God Bless Every-Single-one Of You.

 Have A Safe And Joyful 4th, Babies. 



 The Genu(w)ine Feline 💋🍷