May. 22, 2016

Official Website For Dual Mania Coming Soon

Groovy Sunday, My Dearest Men and Women.

Vital Vision Productions Has Acquired Ownership Of The Domain Name For The Upcoming Motion Picture, Dual Mania.

The Feature Will Soon Have It's Own Official Site Published On The Worldwide Web.
And Just So You All Know, I Will Not Have A Paw, Er, Hand In Its Structure Or Design. The Production Company And The Film's Distributors Have Assembled A Team Of Web Designers Who Are Specialized In Building Sites For Feature Films In The Motion Picture Industry.

Right Now, Dual Mania's Official Domain Is "Parked" At The Location Of Its Provider While It Awaits Building. And I Will Post Here At The Boutique Domain No Sooner Than It Goes Public.

Please Be Informed That The Provider Of This Site Is Not The Servicer Of Dual Mania's Official Site - As We Would Be Unable To Integrate All Of The Required External Links And Buttons Here - But I Will Share Its Link From This Page Immediately After Its Worldwide Viral Publication.

In The Meantime, Enjoy What's Left Of This Gorgeous Sunday. And Make The Holiday Week Ahead A Stone Groove.

Do It Up Riiiiight. . .
. . .And Keep It Nice And Tiiiiight.
Eat A Whole Lotta Barbequuuuue. . .
. . .And Drink Up Plenty O' Icy Cold Brewwwww.
. . .Heh-Heh, Y'all Know What'ta Dooooo.
. . .Can I Get A Ame... - I Mean, A Woo-Hooooo?

By Now, Y'all Know I'm Silly, Yah?

(Laughs) πŸ˜‚

Be Blessed, Babies. And Joyfully Live Your Lives.

The Pussy... The Purr... The Stretch... The Strut... Sensuality... Womanity... Femininity... Felinity πŸ’‹