Feb. 2, 2016

Taking Sides

Happy Tuesday, Guys and Dolls.
I Do Hope That You're All Living And Enjoying Your Lives To The Fullest.

As This Here Post Is Intended To Be An In-A-Nutshell Extension Of My Last Post, Headlined "The Gift of Song," I Felt It Necessary To Make It Clear Exactly Where I Stand, As A Person, In Society.

Remember This About Me, My Cherished Men and Women.
I Will ALWAYS Side With Those In Society Who Are:

• Downtrodden

• Oppressed

• Bullied

• Rejected

• Neglected

• Maligned

• Misused

• Hated

• Maliciously Abused

• Outcasts

• Destitute

• Forgotten

• Mocked

• Ridiculed

• Excluded

• Put Down

• Discouraged

etc., etc., etc.

From Such Lots Do I Descend. And Within Me There Will ALWAYS Exist A Personal Empathy And Compassion Where Those Are Concerned. ALWAYS.

Indeed, I Suffered And Struggled With Morbid Obesity As A Child.
And Because Of That Particular Trial, I Endured Much Mistreatment:
On One End I Was Often Attacked, Verbally, By Bullying People Because Of My Weight, And On The Other End, When That Trial Ended And The Massive Weight And I Parted Ways, A Different Varietal Of Animosity From Cruel And Hateful People Broke Forth Upon Me; Therefore, I Posses A Great Understanding In The Areas Of Maltreatment.

I Do Not "Whine" About It Or Sing Aloud "O Woe Is Me," But I Now Have Understanding. To This Day, Hostility From Others Barrels Itself Towards Me. And When I Detect It, I Rebuke It Quick. Such As Had Been The Case Within Yesterday's Post.

Anytime One Sees Men, Women, Or Children - Whatever Race, Creed, Color, Nationality, Or Origin That They May Be Of - Blessed With Enough Strength To Walk Their Own Paths And Blaze Their Own Trails, Even Those Are The Same Who Will Be Cast Into The Aforementioned Lots In Society: For They Are The Special Ones Of The Earth. Because It Takes A Lot To Be One's Own Person And A Leader Rather Than A Group-Minded Follower. It Takes A Lot. Individualism Is Not Only Powerful But Beautiful, My Dear Men and Women. Keep Yourselves Well.

Minnesota! It's Blizzard Time! (Laughs) The Calm Before The Storm Is Now In Effect.
See, This Is Why I LOVE Spending My Fall/Winter Seasons In The Land of 10,000 Lakes. . . SNOWWWWWWW!


I Loves It, I Tell Ya.
You're About To Get Even More Pwwwetty, Maplewood.
But Before We Get Draped In The Snowflakes, I'm Headin' To The Coffeehouse.
Hee-Hee. God, I Wish It Was Friday.

Stay In Love, Guys and Dolls.
And Be Safe On The Roads If You're Driving In Snowy Environs.

Smooches ;)

Embrace Your Youness by Ali Edwards Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thanks, Ali, For Your Beautiful Words of Creative Wisdom.
And To Geni And The Gang At Studio 10, MWAH!