Feb. 1, 2016

The Gift of Song

(Laughing Into The Post - In Spite Of Myself)

Groovy Monday, My Dearest Men and Women. Happy February 1st To All Of Ya. Today, I Would Like To Chat With You All About Haters.
Yes, Haters.
Without A Doubt, Many Of You Are Quite Familiar With Such Individuals, Yes?
Uhhh-Huhhh. And You've Had The Unpleasant Experience Of Having To "Deal" With Such Individuals, Yes?
Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh.
Then In That Case, Those Many Of You Will Both Understand And Be Able To Relate To This Post.

(Clears Throat and Forces A Smile)

My Beloved Men and Women, When On The Subject Of Haters, I Like To Quote The Following To People Concerning Myself:

"I Don't Have Haters, I Have Self-Haters."

And What I Elaborate By That Is This: "Those People, Whomever They May Be, Jews Or Gentiles, Don't Hate ME. . . They Hate THEMSELVES. They Are Already FULL Of Self-Hatred."

In Response To The Many Malicious Email Deliveries That I Receive - Laced With Other Forms Of Public Hostility Towards Me - Based On My Physical Being, My Creative Divisions, And Both My Monetary and Material Possessions, I Say This:

Father God Designed My Physical Body. Not Me. Just Like He Designed Theirs.
I Didn't Make Myself. And God Didn't Make Any Mistakes In His Creation of Me, Just Like He Didn't Make Any When He Created Them.

Father God Sent EVERY ORIGINAL Song Work Covering (24) Genres To Me, Over The Course Of 35 Years. I Didn't Make Them Up Or Engage In What Is Fraudulent, Infringement, Or Plagiarism.
Each And Every Lyric and Chord Are His, Not Mine, I'm Just The Human Vessel Being Greatly Used. And I'm Beyond Humble Because He Could've Chosen Anyone Else To Bestow His Blessing Upon. But He Chose To Use Me In This Particular Craft, That The Works May Be A Blessing To Many People Around The World, That I May Receive Great Honor From Him Through The Works, And That His Awesome Name Would Be Glorified In The Existence Of The Work: For They, The Many, Many Original Song Works, Have Been Given To Me By Him To Share With Listeners Of Music.

The Material Wealth That I Possess, God Blessed Me To Receive - By Way Of Hard Work, Not Laziness.

The Monetary Riches That I Possess, God Blessed Me To Receive - By Way Of Hard Work, Not Laziness.

I'm A One-Woman Show In All THREE Of My Creative Houses. I Don't Have Any Collaborators At This Present Time. I Have To Do All Of The Work By Myself. And I Do The Work. And I Do It To The Best Of My Ability.

Always Remember, My Dearest Men and Women, That "One To Whom Much Is Given, Of The Same Much Will Be Required." Always Remember That.

For I, Myself, Have Much To Lose And Far To Fall.

So, I've No Time For - Neither Do I Give A Damn About - Pople Who Are FULL Of Low Self-Esteem, Self-Hatred, Rage, Racism, Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Bitterness, Malice, Fear, Or Any Other Kind Of Negative Resentment Towards Me.

You All Get What I'm Saying Here Today?

I Don't Have 'Haters', I Have 'Self-Haters'.

Such People Were Already Full Of Self-Hatred - About Their OWN Miserable Lives - Way Before They EVER Heard Of A Woman Named Cat Ellington, With A Blessed 24-Genre Song Catalog In Her Possession - People Who Were Already Full Of Self-Hatred Way Before They Happened Upon Me.
Because Such People HAVE NO FAITH, And Absolutely Refuse To Make God Their Trust. Period.

The Same Goes For All Of You Who May Be Experiencing Hate From Others. Always Remember, My Loves, That They Don't Hate You, They Hate Themselves.

Always Remember That.

Carrying The News - Like The Late, Great Bowie. . .
Say, Hey, All Of Yous - Well, You All Know Me. . .
I Am The One and Only Felinity ;)

The Gift of Song by Joshua Sipper Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, My Dear Josh. Appreciate'cha. :)

* FYI: Contrary To Popular Belief, White People Don't Have A Monopoly On The Spirit of Racism. . .

That Hateful Spirit Is An Equal Opportunity Troubler - Even Clawing At The Minds Of Those African-American Self-Haters Who Find It Difficult To Accept That A BLACK Woman, Such As Myself, Could Compose Bluegrass Or Classical Music.
THAT, My Dear People, Is Yet Another Example Of Racism. For Even Some Of Those Who Look Like Me, According To The Pigmentation Of The Flesh, Are The Same Who Strive To Deny My God-Given Creative Abilities. THAT Is A Form Of Racism - Wrapped Up In Inferiority Complexes.

As For Those White And Other Non-African-American Self-Haters, Whom The Hateful Spirit of Racism Troubles Concerning Me, As A Result Of Both My Private And Professional Lives, Rot To The Bone In Their Own Bitterly Loathsome Bodily Prisons.