Dec. 31, 2015

Auld Lang Syne, 2016

🎵Shouuuld Auuuuld Ac-quaint-ance Beee For-got,
An-And Nevvv-er Brought To Miiiind . . .🎵
🎵 Shouuuld Auuuuld Ac-quaint-ance Beee For-got,
An-And Daaaays Of Auld Lang Syyyne . . .🎵

🎵And Therrrre's A Hand, My Truuust-y Friend,
Annnd Gieeee's A Hand To Thiiiine . . .🎵
🎵 We'll Taaaake A Cup Of Kiiiindness Yet,
Fo-or Auuu-Auld Laaa-ang Syyyyne . . .🎵

Happy New Year, Everybody!
Have Yourselves A Mightily Blessed, Truly Prosperous And Purrrrfect 2016!!!

Heh-Heh. . .
My Ears, My Ears Are Smaaaall. . .
And My Body? Well, My Body Is Taaaall
Humpty Dumpty, Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Faaaall. . .
Take One Down,
And Pass It Around,
99 Bottles Of Beer. On. The. Waaaall. . .

(Silly Laughter)

Just Makin' Up Post Additions As I Go Along, Babies.
. . .Just Makin' Up Post Additions As I Go Along.

(Still Laughin')

See That You're In The Company Of Designated Drivers If Ya Plan On Gettin' Lit, Babies.
. . .Be Safe Out There; I Wanna See Y'all In 2016. 'Kay?

Hey, Tipsy! Come On An' Get Me!

(More Silly Laughter)

A Proud Symbolic Descendant Of The Omega-Mu's,
iSlaphappy, The Babe New Year ;)

New Years Eve Booth Props by Big Dot of Happiness Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.