Dec. 28, 2015

Cat Ellington International

Greetings, My Dear Men and Women.
This Brief Post Is For The Purpose Of Informing You All Of An Update To The 'Boutique Domain's' Registry (Menu).

As I Sat Waiting To Board A Flight At Trudeau International Airport In Montreal Last Evening, My Creative Juices Began To Flow.
. . .Simply Speaking, I Was Inspired By The Airport's Name, And Was Compelled To Rename The Registry Page Formerly Listed Under 'International Home Page' To 'Cat Ellington International.'

The Name Change, As I Have Also Informed On The 'Domain Establishment' Page, Is An Homage To The Airline Industry.

Flying The Friendly Skies In Creative Class,
iGlobetrotter ;)

Airplane and Passport Illustration by Clipart Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, Dear Tomàs. :)