Dec. 24, 2015

The 25 Tongues of Christmas

'Twas The Night Before Christmas, When All Through The House, Not A Creature Was Stirring, Not Even A Mouse. . .

So Understand, My Beloved Men and Women, That There Is Not A Mouse In The House, Because There Is A Cat In The House.
And When There Is A Cat In The House, Then There Will Not Be Found A Mouse In The House.

. . .

. . .

. . .Did That Make Any Sense?
Oh, What's It Matter. It's Christmas Eve. Right, Babies?
Yeah. That's Right.

And To Celebrate This Christmas 2015 In A Groovy Fashion, I Thought It Would Be Nice To Honor The Native Tongues Of Our Equally Beloved Men and Women Who Are Of Other Nationalties. . .

The 25 Languages of 'Merry Christmas' Were Chosen By Yours Truly After I'd Written Down, On Pieces Of Paper, The Tongues Of Many Nations, Folded The Pieces, Put Them Into A Bag, Shook The Bag Up Real Good, Then Pulled Them Out One At A Time.
The English Language, Of Course, Was Automatically Selected.

My Dearest Guys and Gals, Enjoy Yourselves. Not Only On Christmas Day, But Every Single Day Subsequent.

Be At Peace. Stay In Love. And Always Strive To Be Joyful - No Matter What.
Keep The Faith And Blaze Your Own Trails.
. . .And Always Be Yourselves - No Matter Who May Dislike You For It.

Make Life A Stone Groove, Babies.

A Yule Log And Mistletoe, Some Egg Nog, I'm Good To Go,
i Am Representative Of The Cat in the Santa Hat ;)

Although It's Been Said Many Times, Many Ways. . .
Merry Christmas To All Of You.

Merry Christmas (English)

Feliz Navidad (Spanish)

Fröhliche Weihnachten (German)

Shèngdàn jie Kuàilè (Chinese)

Veselé Vánoce (Czech)

Joyeux Noël (French)

Hyvää Joulua (Finnish)

Maligayang Pasko (Filipino)

Ikini odun Keresimesi (Yoruban)

Zoo siab heev Christmas (Hmong)

Jabulela Ukhisimusi (Zulu)

Gëzuar Krishtlindjet (Albanian)

Lebedik Nitl (Yiddish)

Geseënde Kersfees (Afrikaans)

MerīKurisumasu (Japanese)

Kalá Christoúgenna (Greek)

Eid milad Mmajid (Arabic)

Vesela Koleda (Bulgarian)

Krisamas kee Badhaee (Hindi)

Giáng sinh vui ve (Vietnamese)

Jwaye Nwèl (Haitian)

Selamat Natal (Indonesian)

il-Milied it-tajjeb (Maltese)

Shchaslyvoho Rizdva (Ukranian)

Schastlivogo Rozhdestva (Russian)

Oooh. . . Fa-la-la-la-lahhhh. . . Ta-ta-ta-ta-tahhhh.


The Black Cat Christmas Card by Kudryashka Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

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