Dec. 21, 2015

Riddle Me Dis, Riddle Me Dat Pt. 2

Riddle Me Dis, Riddle Me Dat, Who Can Solve The Riddles Of This Gal Named Cat?

. . .Apparently Not You, Mr. Tech Crunch, What, Considering That You've Yet To Solve The First One I Presented To You In 'Riddle Me Dis, Riddle Me Dat Pt. 1.'

On The Other Hand, You're Still Sending Me Riddles Of Your Own - To Be Discerned By Me, Of Course.

I Gotcha. I'm Still Game.
And Just For The Groovy Heck Of It, I'm Going To Answer Your Latest "Puzzle" In My Own Riddle Form - That You May Know I Am Not One To Be Challenged.

(Jovial, Mirth-Filled Laughter)

. . .I'll Even Toss In A 2nd Riddle, Just For The Sake Of Excitement. Because I'm Having Too Much Fun With You. I Swear I Am.

(Still Laughing - Jovially)

Both Riddles Were Created Off The Top Of My Head, As I Made Haste To Answer You, Via This Post.

. . .Remember, The First One Is In Reply To Your Latest.

The Two Are As Follows:

1.) I Was The Title Of A Recorded Compilation. I Sank Deep, Deep, Deep Till My Lungs Could No Longer Bear The Pressure. Oh, How I Loved Thee.

2.) I Am A Dark Tunnel Of Mugginess - Tight, Narrow And Gripping Unto The One Who Descends Into Me. My Walls Provide Surround Sound, And My Contents Are Pleasing To The Single Eye.

You: "Cat, You Think You're So F***ing Smart, Don't You?"

Me: "All The Better To HANG With Big BRAINS Like Yourself, My Love.
. . .All The Better To Hang With Big Brains Like Yourself."

(Pausing To Sip Sumatra. . .)

(. . .Resuming)

Solve My Riddles.
. . .Mr. Silicon Valley.

Scramblin' 'Em Like Eggs, and Shakin' and Stirrin' 'Em Like Martinis,
i Am THE Most Interesting Woman in the World ;)

Question Marks of the Riddler by Wallpaper Cave Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, Brandon, For Sending It Over On Such Short Notice.
Appeciate'cha ;)