Dec. 16, 2015

I Am Woman

(Laughing Into The Post - Like The Joker At The Mob Meet)

Ahhh-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Haaa-Ooo-Eee-Eee-Ahaaa-Ahhh-Hoo-Hee-Haaa-Ahaaa - I Thought My Jokes Were Baaad.

. . .But I Now Know That You Have An Even More Substandard Bag Of Thigh-Slappers.
Am I Right, Mr. San Francisco?

An-an-and Speaking Of Thighs, You Have A Rather Tenderish Spot For My Own, Do You Not, Bright Eyes?
Making Playful References To My Bustline And My Hips, Are You Dear?

Am I Too Much Woman For You, Mr. HTML?

(Staring At My Screen - A Smirk On My Lips And A Cherry Twizzler Between My Fingers)

. . .Too Much Womanity For You?

For The Sake Of This Post, I'll Take The Liberty Of Pretending To Be You Answering That Question.

'F*ck No, Cat! I'll Bend And Toss Your A$$ In Ways You Never Thought Imaginable. . .'

(Sniggling - Like Gogo Yubari, After Having Been "Begged" To Walk Away)

This, I Say To You, King Intensity:

'Cooked Ball Park Franks Ain't Got A Damned Thing On Me.'

A Lil' Somethin' For You To Keep In Mind. . .
. . .Mr. Internet Titan.

Plump and Sweet - Like A Bush O' Fully Ripened Blackberries,
iCurvaceousFelinity ;)

Plump by PS Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, Trish.