Dec. 15, 2015

Precious Love

* * * NEWSFLASH * * *

My Dear Cat Ellington-Loving Tech Industry Mastermind? I DO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT LOVE!!!
Perhaps Even Moreso Than Many Will Ever Know.
. . .Perhaps Even Moreso Than Many Will Ever Know.

(Pausing . . .)

(. . .Resuming)

Speaking Of Which, You Just LOOOVE You Some Me, Don't You, Mr. Silicon Valley?

(Staring At The Blinking Cursor On My Screen)

I'm Going To Hold You To A Cappuccino And A Scone For When I See You. . . 'Kay?

You've Yet To Solve My Riddle, I Presume?

(A Lengthy Pause - Still Staring At The Blinking Cursor. . .)

(. . .Resuming - Approximately 90 Seconds Later)

My Precious Web-Developing Tycoon? Unfortunately, I'm A Bit Short On Words This Evening. I'm Just Returning Home From A Business Trip Overseas And I Am In Need Of A "Verbal Jumpstart".
Maybe You Can "Rev" Me Up With Some O' Dat San Francisco "Cable Car" Action?

(Fatigued Laughter)

I Love You Too. . . With Everything I've Got.

Now YOU Give A Damn About Solving My Riddle.
. . .And Don't Attempt To Maneuver Around It Agaaaaain.

Huggin' And A Kissin', Dancin' And A Lovin',
iSagittarianSpitfire ;)

Love by Ben Schettler Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, Kind Sir. ;)