Dec. 11, 2015

Au Naturel

My Dear Men and Women, Happy Friday To All Of Ya.

I Publish This Particular Post Today That I May Respond, Within It, To Those Who Are 'Whispering' Among Themselves As Well As To Others Who Have Ears To Hear, On The Subject Of My Physical Attributes. . .
. . .Those Who 'Doubt' Out Loud To Anyone Willing To Listen That My Physical Structure Is One Of Authenticity.

Please Be Well-Informed, My Cherished Gents and Ladies, That My Bust and Hips Are Genuine - As Is My Waistline.

I Have NEVER Had Any Plastic Surgical Procedure Performed On My Person. EVER.

Now Before Some Of You Start Calling Me A Bunch O' 'Braggadocious A$$ B*tches,' I Should Perhaps State That I Do Not Mock, Ridicule, Thumb My Nose At, Or Shun The Procedure Of Plastic Surgery, As It Serves To Be A Great Blessing To Many, Many Women Who Benefit From It's Reconstructive Enhancements Of Their Own Bodies.
I Have Never Believed Myself To Be Above Anyone. In Fact, I Say, 'Hey, Mo' Power To 'Em!'

There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With ANY Woman Having Plastic Surgery If It Is What Would Make Her Feel More Vibrant, Sexy, Youthful Or Otherwise.
I Have Never Judged The Medical Procedure Of Plastic Surgery, And I Don't Reckon That I Ever Will.

It's Just That I'd Never Gone 'Under The Knife,' Save To Have A Hysterectomy Back In 2008.
. . .Yes, My Beloved Men and Women, I've Been Spayed.

Still, My Boobs And My Booty Are Au Naturel.

. . .Know This For A Certainty.

From The Front To The Back - Knick-Knack Paddywhack,
iVoluptuousness ;)

T&A by Joy Ever After Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, My Dearest Amanda.