Dec. 9, 2015

The Bold and the Daring

'Brazen' Was A Very Interesting Choice of Words, My Dear Web-Developing Genius.
Whew. You And Your "Riddles," I Swear.

I'll Let, Er, Have You Know That I Am A Woman Who Is Unashamed Of Anything Where Those Whom I Love, Care Deeply For, And Have A Great Fondness Of Are Concerned.
And You Just So Happen To Be Included In The Above-Mentioned.

Take Note, My Cherished Brainiac, That It Does Not Matter To Me Whether Those Whom I Care For Work As Fry Cooks Or Dishwashers In Fast Food Restaurants - Earning Minimum Wage - Or In The Industry of Technology Earning Millions Or Billions In Stock and Salary.

Get Understanding, My Precious Tech Giant.

When I Love, I Love Strong . . . I Love Hard . . .
I Love Truthfully . . . And I Love Unconditionally.

And When I Express My Love To Those Whom I Care About - Publicly And/Or Privately - I Tend To Do So In A Spirit Of Emboldened Passion . . . Without Regard To What Anyone Else Thinks, Or To Anyone Who May Stand In Objection.

Now, In The Soft-Spoken Words Of The Ficticious Miranda Priestly: 'That's All.'

Among One Of The Innumerable Reasons For The Sagittarius Season,
iRenaissanceWoman ;)

"The Art of Bold" by Bonds Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Thank You, Bianca.