Dec. 4, 2015

A Pilot Has Flown

Greetings, Dear Men and Women.
For Those Of You, Who Like Myself, Are Fierce Admirers Of The Legendary Rock Band, Stone Temple Pilots (STP), Then You Already Know That The Band's Great Former Frontman, Scott Weiland, "Fell Asleep" On Us Yesterday, Unfortunately. And To Some Of Us, News Of His Passing Came As A Shock. But To Others, It Didn't. I'm One Of The Those Who Had Been.

If I May Say So Myself, There Will NEVER Be Another Scott Weiland.
He Was Just In A Class By Himself, Ya Know? And I've Admired Him Both As A Songwriter And Vocalist Since The First Time I Heard PLUSH Back In 1993. It Was Then That I Became An Instant Follower Of The Band.

And The Thing That Had Really Aided In My Shocked Reaction To The News Of His Passing Had Been The Fact That I Had Just Been Listening To PLUSH, SOUR GIRL, VASOLINE, And INTERSTATE LOVE SONG - On Complete Repeat - Over The Past Week. Those Are Like My All-Time Fave STP Classics. So I Was Kind Of Taken Off My Feet, Ya Know?

I Didn't Know Scott Weiland Personally, And Am By No Means In Any Position To Critique The Way He Lived His Life On This Earth. But He Was Still A Person. And I Have A Tremendous Admiration For The Legacy, Great As It Is, Of His Musical Contributions. And As A Professional Music Creator Myself, Particularly In The Craft of Songwriting, He Had Been, In My Opinion, One Of The Greatest To Ever Do It Within His Respective Genre. And His Fans And Admirers Alike, Including Me, Will Miss His Earthly Presence Dearly.

However, We Still Have His Great Legacy In Sound Recordings. And That, My Dearest Men and Women, Will Always Live On For As Long As There Is Music.

God Bless Scott Weiland's Eternal Soul. And May His Divine Peace Be With His Widow And Their Children - As Well As With Every Other One Of Those Who Survive Him.

A True STP Fan,
iFelinity ;)