Dec. 1, 2015

Oooh...Baby, Babies!

Greetings, My Cherished Men and Women.
Before I Proceed, Allow Me To Iron Out A Few Wrinkles . . .

Some Of You May Have Read Certain Published Stats Attributed To Me In Various Search Engines. And I Would Like For All Of You To Know That They Are Incorrect.

I Am Not 32-Years-Old. I Am Not 8'3" Tall. And I Do Not Weigh 302 lbs.

My TRUE Stats Are Listed At

Okay. Let's Proceed, Shall We?

(Clears Throat)

These Are Among Some Of The Most Beautiful Creations In Existence:

The Heavens On High,
The Clouds Which Decorate The Sky,
The Oceans And The Seas,
The Flowers And The Trees,
The Creatures That Creep -
On Dry Land And In The Deep,
The Gentlemen And The Ladies,
The Children -
Including The Newborn Babies . . .

. . .And Speaking, Via This Post, Of Newborn Babies, Once They Are Magnificently Created And Sent Into This Great, Big Ol' World - Full Of Life And Promise - They Each Await Their Identity. Birth Names By Which They Will Be Known In Their Lives . . .

. . .Like Say, Bryshere Gray Or Chase Elliott?
(I've Always Liked The Name 'Chase')

Or How About Shane Harte?
(I Like The Name 'Shane,' Too.)

Or Grace, As In Grace Mandeville?

Summer Rae?

Berry? As In Gordy, Jr.?

Or Even Cat, As In Ellington? Cat Ellington?

Groovy, Eh?
Well, The Folks At The Prominent Website,, Have Compiled A Massive Database Of Famous Celebrity Names - By Dates of Birth - That Many New Mamas And Papas Might Be Interested In Taking Into Consideration When Undergoing The Fun Process Of Choosing A Name For Their Newborns.

(A Smile Giving Way To A Chuckle)

Great Listings. Fun Site.
Visitors Can Search Famous Names By Birthdates.
Celebrity Baby Names On November 28 -

AKA "Babyshape," "Baby Golden," And Uh, "Babydoll,"
I Am Theeee Feliniteeee ;)

'Everywhere Babies' by Susan Meyers, Illustrated by Maria Frazee (Harcourt Press, 2001) Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.
Used By Permission.
Thank You, Dearest Tammy!

My Poem, Which Pays Tribute To The Creation, Was Made Up By Me For Post Purposes Only. It Is Not Under Copyright Through Quill Pen Ink Publishing.