Nov. 27, 2015

The Thrill of the Chase

(Lickin' My Lips)

Oh, So You're Tired, Are You, Mr. Big Tech?
What's It That's Got You So Famished? Huh?
All Those Heavy Turkey Day Leftovers Gotcha Feelin' Sluggish?
The Hustle and Bustle Of The NYSE Trading Floors Pushin' And Shovin' You Into A 'Pit' Of Fatigue?
All Those HTML Codes In The Silicon Valley Draining Your Energy Level?

. . .Not Enough Iron In Your Diet?

You're Much Younger Than Myself, Yet You Tire Before Me, My Dear Tech Genius?

(Simmering In Wonderment)

I'm Anemic. And I Strive To Remain Vigilant Where My Daily Dose Of Blackstrap Molasses Is Concerned. Yet You, A Few Years Younger Than Me, Has Come To Exhaust First?

Out Of Breath Already, Are You?
What's Wrong, Tech Mastermind? Is Your Lower Back Beginning To Feel Strained? Your Legs Threatening To Buckle Out From Under You?

. . .Perhaps You Need To Take A Quick Rest?

(A Side Look Of 'Cougar'-Style Self-Assurance)

Perhaps You Need To Just Catch Your Breath And Go Slow?
Yessss . . .Go Slowww.
Slow Ride . . . Take It Easy . . .
Slow Ride . . . Take It Easy . . .
Catch Your Breath And Wipe Away Your Sweat.

You Need To Understand, Mr. Tall, Dark and Determined, That The Chase'll Wear You Out - Especially When Your 'Prey' Happens To Be One Of The Feline Kind . . .

For This Reason, You Have Waxed Weary In Your Pursuit.

(Staring At My Screen - Half Smiling)

Do You Wish To Continue In Your 'Hungry Like The Wolf' Pursuit Of Me, Mr. Tech Giant?

Right About Now, You're Thinking, Either Out Loud Or To Yourself, 'F*** You, Cat! I'm Not Giving Up!'

And Indeed, You Shouldn't, Handsome.
. . .And Indeed, You Shouldn't.

You Gotcha Breath? Good.

Let The Chase Ensue . . .

In Touch With The Ground, I'm On The Hunt I'm After Some Black Friday DEALS,
I Am The REAL . . .Puss'n Boots ;)