Nov. 25, 2015

Simply Thankful

My Beloved Men And Women, Have Each And Eveyone Of Yourselves A Mightily Blessed And Peaceful Thanksgiving Day Weekend.

Eat Like Dogs And Drink Like Fish.
Make Love Like Banshees. It's A Good Calorie Burner, Ya Know?
Be At Peace With Your Loved Ones, Because Tomorrow Is Not Promised.
If There's Going To Be A Snowstorm In Your Neck-Of-The-Woods (Like There Will Be In Mine), Please Don't Be Out On The Roads - Especially If You're Planning On Gettin' Tipsy - Like I Intend To. (Hee-Hee-Ha-Ha . . .)
Uh . . . Uh . . . Uh, What Else? Oh. Don't Get All Dressed Up, Fancy-Shmancy. When Ya Eatin' And Drinkin,' You Wantcha Clothes To Be Loose-Fittin' - So That Your Stomach'll Be Free To Bulge As It Pleases.

See, Ya Gotta Know Da Game . . . Every Year, It's Always Da Same . . .
Sometimes Ya Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name . . .


Lord Knows I'm Silly.
Have A Beautiful Holiday, Babies. God Bless Everyone Of Y'all.

Enjoyin' The Calm Before The Northern Snowstorm - Wit' A Groovy Glass Of Sauternes,
iSagittariusWoman ;)

Horn of Plenty Illustration Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company - With Permission From The Inn at Fox Hollow Boutique Hotel.
Thanks, Jason.