Nov. 24, 2015

I Can't Live Without Your Love and Affection

(A Deep, Deep Sigh)

First, You F***ed Me With Your Middle Finger . . .Gestures.
Now You're F***ing My Correspondence Too, Are You, Uh...Mr. 'I want to kiss and cuddle'?

Oooh . . . Ohhh . . . Good Gawd, What A Hopeful Romantic You Are, My Dear Fiery-Eyed, 'Fine-Feathered' Friend.

(Inevitable Laughter)

You Are Completely Addicted To Me, Aren't You? Hey, Wait, That's Not Fair. I Would Say That We're Both Smitten - One With The Other. We're Like Caffeine To One Another, Are We Not?
Since We Both LOVE Our Coffee, I Figured I'd Just Go On And Compare Us To Some Java.
. . .Starbucks Level Java, Baby!

(More Laughter - Now Persistent)

You Know I Had To Get Back @tcha, Don'tcha?

(Still Laughin')

Here's A Groovy Idea, Mr. Big Tech. Whaddaya Say I Call My Travel Agent And Have Him To Book Me An After-Holiday Flight To San Francisco?
How's That Sound?
He Could Reserve A Suite For Me At My Beloved Fairmont, And Once I Got Settled In, I Would Contact You, And We Both Could Arrange To Meet Up In The Tonga And Quietly Discuss This Cat Ellington Infatuation Of Yours Over Dinner And Wine.
How's That Sound To You?

(Staring At My Screen - Half Smiling)

You Are Familiar With The Tonga Room, Yes, Mr. Big Tech?

(Staring At My Screen - Half Smiling)

I Know You Have To Be.
It Would Be Fun, You Think?
Ooh...But We Would Have To Be Careful To Keep It On The Down-Low, Ya Know? Lest The Press Get Whiff Of It And Break Forth Upon Us In A Ravenous Frenzy.

(Explosive Laughter...)

(...Calming Down Now)

And We Two Find Ourselves Making Headlines - Unnecessarily.
In Any Event, We. Would. Be. Front. Page. News. This I Can Assure You . . .


. . .O' Great And Awesome Tech Giant.

OR I Could Just Visit Your Place of Business And Surprise You There.
I'll Even Wear A Pair Of My Favorite Low-Top Converse All Star Sneakers - Just To Really Getcha Goin'.
I'm A Fairly Casual Gal, Ya Know? I Enjoy The Simple Things In Life - Like My Bootcut Jeans And My Low-Top Converse All Stars. I Have Them (The Low-Top All Stars) In A Variety Of Colors, Ya Know?

Whaddaya Say?
I'll Await Your Reply/Answer.

But Until Then, If You Wanna Continue To Hold My Interest, You Have To Be A Willing Fellow Adventurer Of Mine:

You Gotta Love To Be Up On The Tight Wire -
Where One Side Is Ice,
And The Other Side Is Fire.
It's Already A Circus Game With You And Meeee.

You Gotta Wanna Be Up On The Tight Rope -
Rejectin' The Hateful Side For The One Of Hope.
And The Cat In The Cloché Hat Is The Only One You Prefer To Seeee.

(Staring At My Screen - Half Smiling)

Right About Now, You're Nibbling On The Tip Of Your Thumb As You're Reading This Post. Aren't You, Tech Giant?
And Those Fierce Eyes Of Yours Are Ablaze. Aren't They?

(More Laughs)

Tech Giant? If It Becomes Imperative That I Jet To San Francisco, I'll Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In My Hair.

Cuddled Up With A Fleece Blanket, A Cup Of Java And My Kindle Fire,
iPuttyCat ;)

Note: Lyrics From Leon Russell's "Tight Rope" Were Adlibbed By Me For Post Purposes Only.

Let's Cuddle Illustration by Pocket Calum Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.