Nov. 19, 2015

The French Connection

(Mumbling Into The Post - In French)

Oh, Quoi Un Belle Journée Ce Est . . .

Translated In English: Oh, What A Lovely Day It Is . . .

(Bright and Sunny - In Disposition)

Good Afternoon, Boys and Girls.
(Y'all - Altogether) Good Afternoon, Ms. Ellington!

Boys and Girls, Our Post Subject For Today Is La Langue de Français - The Language of French.
The French "Tongue," My Dear Boys and Girls, Is A Very Tasteful One. For Example, The Legendary Expression of Salutation, 'Content Anniversaire!,' In English, Translates To 'Happy Birthday!'
And Considering That My Born Day Is Rapidly Approaching, I Am Pleased To Inform All Of You That The Wonderful French Peoples Have Honored Both Me And My Beloved Birthday With A Profile At Celebres Anniversaires.
That Particular Location Serves To Celebrate Famous Public Figures And Their Dates of Birth - In The Language of French Of Course.

That's All For Today My Loves.
Keep Yourselves Well.

A True Lover Of Croissants, Brie Cheese, And The Finest Syrah From The Groovy Rhône Valley,
jeFélin ;)

Featured Language In Post: French

French Watercolor Cake Illustration by Ali Kurzeja Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

Thank You, Ali, For Providing The 'Boutique Domain' With Such A Lovely Work of Watercolor Art For This Post.

Apprécier Tu ;)