Nov. 18, 2015

Emotions Get The Best Of Us

Tech Giant? Let Me Ask You Something, Baby.
Did You Really Believe That I Had Spoken Anything In My Post Headlined, 'Chasing Mystery and Excitement,' Which Had Been Intended To Be Malicious Or Humiliating Towards You?
Did Or Do You Really Believe That?
There Is No Truth To That, My Dear One. In Fact, Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth.
You Need To Understand That I Would NEVER Deliberately Say Or Do ANYTHING To Hurt, Debase, Mock, Ridicule Or Humiliate You In Any Way. Do You Understand Me?
I Would Not Ever Seek To Put You Down - Or Anyone Else For That Matter. Do You Understand Me?
You Have To Believe Me . . . Because I Mean What I Say.
I Received Your Message Today - Not Even Forty-Five Minutes Ago - And I Fell Apart, Emotionally, As A Result Of It.
I Had Not (Laughed) At Your Feelings, In A Spirit Of Malice, Baby.
And It Was Not My Intention To Ridicule You. Do You Understand Me? I Truly Hope That You Do, Because I Am A Most Misunderstood Woman.
I Apologize To You If You Felt Hurt By Anything I Wrote In That Post. I Am Completely Fond Of You - Even Though You've Allowed Yourself To Be An A$$ Towards Me In Certain Instances.

When I Told You That I Was Flattered By Your Words, Written For My Benefit, I Meant It, Dammit. I Did Not Lie To You.
With Everything I Have In Me, I Meant It. But I Had To Jive Ya Because It's The Way I Am. And Because I Like Ya.

Crying And Blowing My Nose While Trying To Type This Post Is The Reality For Me Right Now, Because You Misguidedly Thought That I Intended To Humiliate You, When I Hadn't.
And I Hate To Have My Honesty And My Integrity Doubted And/Or Questioned. Crap! I Hate That!

I Told You That You're Now On My Heart's Soft Spot List, And You Are. You Must've Thought I Was Bullcrappin' You.
I Wouldn't Ever Do Anything To Hurt You. Or Anybody Else.
I'm A Writer. And In My Writings - Even In Those Of A Playful Nature - I Express My Emotions. And They Get Noted In Parentheses. You Should Know This By Now. I Mean Come On . . .

You Are An Accomplished Individual. And You Have Every Right To Be Humbly Proud. Take A Long Look At Yourself, Dammit, You're Great. You're A Builder. You're A Founder. You're Of Great Distinction. You're Unique. And You've Been Blessed! You've Been Brought From A Mighty Long Way In Your Life. And Speaking Of Life, You're Now Indirectly In Mine. And I'm Gonna Jive Ya. It's My Nature. It's Who I Am.

If People Come At Me Crooked, Like Snakes, I Will Cut Them Verbally, And Pay Their Rent Or Their Mortgage - If The Spirit Moved Me To - Afterwards. It's My Way.
But Deliberately Doing Or Saying Anything That Would Cause Them To Feel Pain, Shame, Or Ridiculed Is Not.
And If I Hurt Your Feelings, I'm Sorry, Baby. Okay? I Didn't Mean To Cause You To Hurt, Emotionally.

You're A Beautiful Writer. And I'm Still Both Flattered And Honored By Your Feelings.
I Just Wanted You To Know The Truth, So That The Sun Would Not Set On Your End Without Your Knowing It. You Understand Me? Good.

I Adore You . . . Ya Jive Turkey.

Emotionally Bonding With A San Francisco (Tech) Giant,
iFeli - Aww Y'all Know Who I Am ;)