Nov. 18, 2015

Chasing Mystery and Excitement

The Late, Great And Undoubtedly Legendary Karen Carpenter Sang:

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear,
Every Time You Are Near?
Just Like Me,
They Long To Be
Close To You.

Ahhh . . . Beautiful Poetreee - Set To An Equally Gorgeous Melodeee.
Would Not You Agreee, Tech G-i-a-n-t(eee)?


He's An Aspiring PO-et . . .
Yes, Ya Betta KNOW it.

(More Laughs)

I Must Admit That You Do 'Arouse' My Pleasurable Interests, My Beloved Genius.
Indeed Weee - Even You And Meee - Are Quite 'Close,' T. G(eee).

Oooh . . . There's Just Something About The Long E Sound. I Don't Know What. Maybe It Has To Do With That Particular Sound Being Among One Of The First That I learned In My Nearly Thirty-Five-Years-Long Written Vocabulary History. Yeah. That's What It Is.
It Simply Flows, Ya Know?


Your 'Poetry' Is Very Romantic, Tech Giant.
And I'm Flattered By Being The Inspiration For It.

(Whispering - Like A Gentle Breeze)

My Dearest Tech Giant? While You Write About Those Of Whom We Ought To Think At Night, See That, While Engaged In Your 'Quivering' Erotica With Her, You Don't Go From 'Long' To 'Short' And Accidentally Call Your Lady Friend By My Name.

(Still Whispering - Like A Gentle Breeze)

. . .You Good-Lookin' Human Being You.

Misty Like Blue; Tangled Up In Two,
iFelinity ;)