Nov. 10, 2015

Cat Ellington Is Now On

Good Monday Morning Or Evening - Depending On What Part Of The World You're In - My Dearest Men And Women.

This Post Is To Inform That I've A New Profile On
I Learned Of This Latest News Last Night, But Didn't Get A Chance To Visit The Site Until Earlier This Morning.
It Features Links In Vietnamese, But It's Profiles Are In English.
My Profile''s Link Is

And Speaking, Via This Post, Of Birthdays, It Is A True Pleasure For Me To Wish My Hubby A Happy 53rd One Today. Happy Birthday, Baby. I Love You.

And To All Of You Other Jive Scorpios Born On This Fine Date, Happy Birthday To Each And Every One Of You As Well.

Enjoy Yourselves, Babies! Have A Good Time!
It's-Ya-Birthday . . . Ihhht's-Ya-Birthday . . . (Laughs)

Doin' The Damn Thang To Da Best Of My Human Abiliteee,
iFeliniteee ;)