Nov. 8, 2015

Courtesy Of The Film Noir Addict That I Am

They Just Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore, Babies.
One Of The GREATEST Cinematic Masterpieces Of ALL TIME - Alexander Mackendrick's "SWEET SMELL Of SUCCESS."

Strickland And I Have Seen It, What Ten Times Or More Already, As We Have It In Our Film Library. And We NOW Have The Original Poster For It, Sent To Us Already Framed Reel Nice, Babies. (I Spelled Real As REEL On Purpose. Hee-Hee.)

If You're Like Us And LOVE Film Noir With A Passion, Then You Need To See This Masterpiece, If You've Not Already.
If You Have, Hell, Watch It Again.


Nothing Short Of Extraordinary Is This Film! Phenomenal. Absolutely Phenomenal!
And Lancaster And Curtis? (A Symbolic Kiss Of Both My Thumb and Index Finger) SPLENDID! Exceptional, Tour de Force Performances. Exceptional.

This Is One Of Our All-Time Favorite Films. Strickland Introduced Me To It Many, Many Years Ago, And To This Day, It STILL Gets Me Right Here.

Absolutely Phenomenal.

Not Only Sharing My Love For This Film Classic, But Also Thanking The Great Folks At The Movie Poster Shop For Sending Us The Original Poster (Which Leads This Post) As A Special Gift To My Filmmaker Spouse On The House. Thank You All—Especially You, Pete.

Enjoy The Week Ahead, My Beloved Men And Women.

I Will Now Close This Post With One Of The Film's Timeless Quotes:

"My right hand hasn't seen my left hand in thirty years."

Oooh! Boomshakalaka!
iFelinity ;)