Nov. 2, 2015

The Name Game

Howdy, Tech Giant!

I Just Want You To Know That I Knew It Was You On The Other End Of The Email Line Addressing Me, Via Reply, A Few Weeks Back.

In My Seemingly Endless Efforts To Reclaim My Original Username Within Your Social Media Community, I've Once Again Run Into Your Hand, Which Works Notoriously Against Me.

You Do Know That There's A Difference Between An Underscore In A Username Field And No Underscore In A Username Field, Don't You, Tech Giant?
Yet You Strove To Confuse The Matter When I Filed Numerous "Tickets" With Your "House" Requesting To Have The Username Of My VERY FIRST Account On Your Platform, Inactive For Well Over (3) Years, Reissued To Me. Did You Not, Tech Giant?

I Was Told, And I Believe With Everything In Me By You, That Your "House" Had Been 'Unable To Verify That I Was The Inactive Account's Original Owner.'


Tech Giant, If That Were The Case, Wouldn't It Have Been Impersonation Then? Someone Else Claiming To Be Me, Songwriter Cat Ellington?
You Do Also Know That I Am The ONLY Cat Ellington In The Craft Of Songwriting - Professional Or Otherwise - Don't You, Tech Giant?
Yes, Of Course You Do.
So With That Kernel Of Knowledge, Wouldn't You Agree That If Another Individual, Not Myself, Created An Account In Your Community Where They Put My Name, Cat Ellington, In Their Username Field, And Listed 'Songwriter' In Their Bio Field, He Or She Would Have Been Seeking To Deceive The Public By Way Of Impersonation?

Please Allow Me The Following Questions, Tech Giant:

Does Not Your "House" Have An Impersonation Policy? One That Stresses The Company's Intolerance For Those Who Create Accounts Within It's Community Under Deceptive Practices?

And Does Not This Impersonation Policy Give Your "House" The Right To 'Permanently Suspend' Those Individuals Who Violate The Terms/Rules Of The Impersonation Policy?

Your Answer To Those Questions Would Of Course Be 'Yes.' Am I Right, Tech Giant?

So, Considering The Aforementioned Rules, Wouldn't Whoever Created The (3) Years Inactive Account, Which Bears Both My Name In The Account's Username Field, And My Main Profession (Songwriter) In It's Bio, Be In Violation Of Your Company's Impersonation Policy?

Well Of Course He Or She Would Be.

And You Know This, Don't You Tech Giant? You Also Know That I Am THE Cat Ellington, And That The Said Account Was Created By Me In March Of 2012. Don't You?
And You're Attempting To Hold My Name Hostage. Are You Not, Tech Giant?

I Wouldn't Advise You To Continue In This Little Game You're Playing With My Name, Tech Giant, As It, My Name, Cat Ellington, Is A Worldwide Trademark. It Is Also Protected Under Federal Copyright Law.

On The Other Hand, I Would Kindly Advise You To Order That My Very First Account Within Your Community, Inactive For Over (3) Years - Be Deactivated, In-House, So That My Name, Minus Any Alphabetical, Numerical, Or Underscore Inclusion, May Appear As I Would Like For It To In My Username Field.

We Can Do This The Easy Way, Or I Can Have One Of My Attorneys To Contact You Personally.

Which Would You Prefer . . .Tall, Dark and Intensely Handsome?
I Would Prefer To Handle It The Easy Way.
Hopefully You Share My Wisdom.

Goin' Up Against A San Francisco (Tech) Giant In An All-Out 'Verbal Battle' To #ReclaimMyName,
iFelinity ;)