Oct. 31, 2015

CatEllington.com Celebrates 200,000 Worldwide Views!

My Cherished Men And Women, Good Morning Or Evening - Depending On What Part Of The World You're In - To All Of You.

The Reason For This Post Is To Announce That My Beloved 'Boutique Domain' Has Both Reached And Surpassed 200,000 Views, Worldwide.
And I Am Greatly, Greatly Humbled By This Blessed Reality.
God Is Good! And Great! And Awesome! And Gloriously Magnificent!
I'm Totally At A Loss For Words, My Dear Men And Women. I Truly Am. I'm Just Humbled And Grateful - Proud Of My Award-Winning Location Here.
'She' Did It . . . Again.
200,000 Views From Around The World.
Genuine, Organic Traffic.

(Pausing - Emotional . . .Like The Writer That I Am)


My Beloved Men And Women?. . .

(Pausing - Teary-Eyed)

(Slowly Resuming)

. . .This, My Decorated 'Boutique Domain'? Well, She's Still A Work In Progress. (Laughs) I'm Not Done With 'Her' Yet.
Remember, My Dearest Guys And Gals, That 'She' Is Chosen To Be Considerable In 'Her' 'Existence,' Because 'Her' Purpose Is To Serve ALL Of My Creative Divisions.
So 'Her' 'Dressing' Stage Is Not Yet Complete. I Just Decided To Build 'Her' Slowly, That's All.

(Welled Up With Emotion - Like The Proud Parent Of A Virtual Child)

'She' Is My 'Virtual Baby.' And I Love 'Her'; I Love Taking Care Of 'Her' And 'Dolling' 'Her' Up.

(More Laughs)

Over 200,000 Peoples From Around The World Have Now Paid 'Her' Visits. And As 'Her' Sole Manager, I Say, 'Thank You All, Babies.'
Thank All Of You So Much For Stopping By, And For So Many Wonderful Compliments. Thank You.
And On Behalf Of 'Her' Parent Company, The Black Jaguar Music Company, I, As IT'S Sole Founder and Owner, Would Also Like To Say Thank You To The Many Other Prominent Web Location Masters Around The World Who Have Graciously Acknowledged It's Subsidiary Here.

As Surely As Tar Is Black As The Ace Of Spades, I Love Y'all. Thank You All - Especially You, Vicki!

Now, As For The Artwork, Which I Personally Chose To Lead This Post, It Had Been My Desire To Bring On Something That Had Been Unique And Creative.
And By Now, Y'all Know How Much I Love Flowers, Right? Yeah.
So, I Wanted To Select An Artwork That Showcased Either The Globe Or The World Map, But Which Also Included Florals. And Knowing That The 'Boutique Domain' Was Quickly Approaching Another Great Milestone, That Being 200,000 Worldwide Views, I Diligently Searched Out Such An Artwork.
And It Took What, About (3) Weeks To Find It, But I Found It.
I'd Eventually Come Into Contact With An Ol' Chum Of Mine Who'd Referred Me To It.
It Is The 'World Map Art Floral' by Think by Thing.
And It Is Absolutely Gorgeous.
Thank You, Mai.

The World Map Is Representative Of The 'Boutique Domain's' World-Renowned Status.
And The Floral Varietals Are Representative Of 'Her' Decor - Courtesy Of Ateli.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2015, The 'Boutique Domain' Reached And Surpassed 100,000 Worldwide Views.
And On Today, Saturday, October 31, 2015, 'She' Has Both Reached And Surpassed 200,000 Worldwide Views. And It Is A Phenomenal Accomplishment.
Congratulations To My Beloved 'Virtual Baby.'

My Dearest Men And Women?
Take Life By The Horns And Ride It All The Way Into Blissful Glory.
Make Every Day Of It A Stone Groove.

Preparing To Eat & Drink OSAKA Outta Bizzzness In Celebration,
iFelinity ;)

Hap-py Hal-low-EEN, Twen-ty-Fif-TEEN!!!

World Map Art Floral by Think by Thing Is Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.